Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nisce Skin N' Face: Manicure of the Virgin Fingersnails

In a predominantly 'macho' social society like the Philippines, personal care for men is basically limited to soap, shampoo, and perfume.

Much less for more intricate procedures such as manicure, pedicure, and the likes in cosmopolitan manila.

Nonetheless, after more than two decades, I tried getting a manicure for the first time. No big deal actually, I'm comfortable with my sexuality and is up for the new experience.

But more than that, I was curious what is really done to one's fingernails during the process. My knowledge of the procedure were limited to mere awareness and glances when mom or one of my aunts call a "manicurista" (one who performs manicure) for home service.

And so it was. I found myself at the fifth floor of SM Megamall at Nisce Skin n' Face which offers a menu of services for the face, skin, hands, and feet.

I tried a number of treatments and services that day, but we'll only discuss about the manicure. We'll have the rest for another post.

First, the attendant massaged both of my hands briefly. She then asked if I wanted my fingernails trimmed, to which I agreed.

It was followed by cleaning the sides of the fingernails with a small but long steel rod with a sharp edge. They call it the "pusher." This scrapes off the dead cells found on the edge of the fingernails. This was matched with the nail brush (pink) to remove excesses.

Everything went well and smoothly. I didn't get any cut or bruise which I sometimes see when someone gets a manicure.

The nail file followed.

Among all the procedures, this is the only one I felt weird about. Although I was uncomfortable with the scratching effect, I know it was necessary for unsharpening the edge of the trimmed fingernails.

And for the last step, she asked if I wanted to have a nail polish. And since we're already at it, I'd rather try them than otherwise. In the Philippines, they also call the nail polish "colorless," or "shiner."
She added that the Sally Hansen Insta-Grip fast dry base coat she used could actually help in strengthening my nails.

Ummm, ok.

I'm actually concerned and amused having shiny fingernails for the first time. LOL.
She had it dried and said it was over. She proceeded with the foot massage, pedicure, and body massage. Check about it in the next few day's post.

My manicure with cleaning, massage, and nail polish cost P200. Have a plain manicure with cleaning and massage for only P120.

Check out Nisce Skin n' Face at the 5th floor of SM Megamall and experience the same fancy-free manicure that I had. By the way, almost one month after, my fingers are still a little shiny. It's either the nail polish or I don't wash my hands often enough. :)

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