Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giordano Lion Polo Collection Contest - Join & Win!

Christmas starts early in Cosmo Manila with the Giordano Lion Polo Collection!

Aside from the brand quality itself, what makes the Giordano Lion Polo t-shirt stand out is its detailed collar and the craftsmanship in the lion logo.

The stitched logo on the chest is embroidered. The lion logo originated from the crest logo of the Crest Logo  (there was a lion inside the crest logo).

With Pique fabric materials and 95% cotton-5% lycra, the Giordano Lion Polo Collection comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large (in slimfit specs). It also comes in white, black, navy, garnet, goldmedal, patriot, gothic grape, spice orange, happy green, and metal colors.
Giordano Lion Polo
And the best news for Cosmo Manila readers is 5 of you can have them for free! Join the Giordano Lion Polo Collection contest and win a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt of your choice worth Php 1.099.00.

  1. Readers must post a comment below stating the reason why they should win a lion polo from Giordano. 
  2. Post the same comment in your facebook wall with 
    • a link of this blogpost ( http://cosmomanila.blogspot.com/2010/11/giordano-lion-polo-collection-contest.html )  and
    • a tag of '@CosmoManila' Facebook Fanpage ( http://www.facebook.com/CosmoManila ).
  3. One entry per person only.
  4. Winners will be contacted thru email to get their color of choice and size so they must include their email addresses in the comment section.
  5. Winners will have to pick-up the shirts from Giordano office in San Juan, Metro Manila.
  6. Duration will be from Nov 9-13. Five winners will be announced Nov 14, 2010.

Giordano Lion Polo Shirt
Join Giordano Lion Polo Collection Contest now!


  1. I should win a Giordano Lion Polo because I am a lionhearted gal. I am determined to win this contest.

    Girl-Kuripot XoXo

  2. I like to win a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because I like giordano'squality clothing because it looks good and i can feel the softness even
    better with other giordano shirts i wear before.


    Jayson Biadog

  3. I love, I want, I have to have a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because only Giordano can cloth me and make me look good. Always a Giordanian, forever a Giordanian.

    Good luck to all!

    Stonibert Lim

  4. Like the Lion Emblem symbolizing kingship and pride, I would love to wear a Giordano whose elegance and design is simply a cut above the rest. Giordano Lion Polo rules.


  5. Well today is the birthday of my wife and it would be a fitting gift for her on her birthday. Maybe if I'll give a Giordano Lion Polo shirt to her she'll be able to love me again. Here's to wishing to luck...


  6. I want to have a Lion Polo from Giordano because It's Giordano No more no less Just the name. Giordano Rocks feel good and look great all the Time.

    Resly George Amador

  7. I deserve to win a Lion Polo shirt from Giordano because I was branded and I would want to be branded by Giordano. My Mom and her fellow Moms have once worked constructing and gluing Giordano paper bags in our neighborhood thus it was apparent to me in my early grade school days (during the mid-90's) that Giordano is one of the leading brands in the apparel industry. It was to me at that time that Giordano even borders as a high-end brand because we weren't able to afford it. Today, I wear clothes that are ill-fitting, fades up easily, and doesn't last long. Luckily, I've been able to stumble upon this online promo. I hope Giordano could help me out 'cause I know that their clothes fits perfectly, colorful, and well made. Also, it enables people to feel good and look great. When I win, I'll make sure that I'll have the right attitude to back it all up...8)

    Dan Robert R. Caracas

  8. The Giordano Lion Polo Shirt is mine and I deserve it because only Giordano proves the saying that "Less is more". Every time I wear my G-wardrobe, it never fails to give me confidence! A additional Giordano shirt in my cabinet is like an additional good life opportunity for me!

    Sherwin Funa

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  11. I believe the new Giordano polo will look good on me. In addition to the comfort it will provide (judging by the above description of the material), it looks hip and easy to the eyes; it's attention-grabbing; might lead a very curious other to ask, "Hey, what's that you're wearing?"

    See I also believe this article of clothing will give me the confidence I often lack with regards to my sense of fashion; it will spruce up my look; and in the aforementioned situation, I just might not help but flash a gesture of self-satisfaction to that other: "It's Giordano."

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  13. I like to have one of that Lion Polo shirt from Giordano as a birthday present to myself next month, I deserve a nice shirt on my "BIG DAY" ..BIG thanks to Cosmo Manila!

    Agnes Dc

  14. i should win because i like this shirt.

  15. I want a Giordanao Lion Shirt because I think I'll look good wearing it.

    Richard Mamuyac

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  17. I should win a lion polo from Giordano because it has been ages since I had a Giordano shirt or any shirt for that matter. I no longer have the luxury of time to go shopping. Plus, I know it will look good on me.



  18. wow! it's been ages since i last wore a giordano shirt :) i think i deserve to win this one of a kind giordano lion shirt because a non-stop multitasking mom of 3 like me needs a reward for herself :) and this is the perfect reward :)besides, after having kids, i no longer buy things for myself. it is always for the kids :) thanks!

    erica yu-bonifacio

  19. I should win a lion polo shirt from Giordano because I wanna see my hubby wearing this cool shirt and I am really sure that he will love this since he is much comfortable wearing polo shirt than a simple T shirt (",).. Thank you Cosmo Manila

    Maricar Losantas


  20. I should win the Lion Polo from Giordano because I will proudly wear it often as I know that it will still look brand new even if I overuse it. I am also sure that it will be able to keep up with my physically exhausting work (which includes traveling back and forth riding the super-duper-overly crowded... LRT) and that it I will always look neat and cool on it even if I perspire a lot since it is mostly made up of cotton. Thanks!!!

    Bagel Betorin

  21. I simply LOve Giordano that's why i want it!

    Norika Pasamba

  22. I should win this shirt so I can feel comfortable because of it's fabric and stylish on Lion's crest embroidery.

    Email: tonski02@yahoo.com

  23. (I forgot to include my e-mail address: cdcimatu@gmail.com)

  24. I should win this Shirt because I wanted to look fab and stylish anywhere I go.


  25. i should win the giordano lion polo t-shirt because i can't afford to by one.

  26. I should win a Lion Polo because I love Giordano. I especially like their dri-fit tech shirt. Giordano's clothing line are very comfortable to wear, the quality is very good, the designs are clean-looking, simple yet unique, I feel good wearing Giordano!

    Michelle Ame

  27. Jose Lorenzo ManongsongNovember 12, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Why should I win this lion polo from Giordano? Because it will be the perfect gift for me this Christmas season and by wearing this simple Giordano polo will make you a stand out from the crowd. Simple yet stylish, that's Giordano! :)


    Visit http://cosmomanila.blogspot.com/2010/11/giordano-lion-polo-collection-contest.html

  28. i deserve to win this Giordano Lion Polo,so that it can be an extra Christmas Gift to my hubby. He loves wearing Giordano shirts since H.S and he has an existing shirt w/c he only wears in the house. For sure he will love this. thanks Cosmo Manila for this shirt

    Geejay F. Nepomuceno

  29. I deserve to win a Lion Polo shirt from Giordano because I grew up wearing Giordano clothes.They're very affordable and stylish at the same time.

  30. I should win a Lion Polo from Giordano because I haven't bought anything expensive for myself for so long now. I'm a work at home mom who devotes all her time and hard earned money to her kids. This shirt would be a great token or reward to all the super mommies out there :)

    Michelle Aleli Villestas

  31. I deserve to win a Lion Polo shirt from Giordano because I grew up wearing Giordano clothes.They're very affordable and stylish at the same time.

    Mary Jane Pineda

  32. I deserve to win a Lion Polo shirt from Giordano because polo shirts look good on me.

    Richelle Torres

  33. Giordano is memorable to me. My hubby {may God bless his soul} and I had matching shirts before - his was navy, mine black. It was a treasured symbolism for us and an endeared memento. I still keep mine, all tattered and in need of mending, but as said to the Velveteen Rabbit - it is in being used, shabby-ish and less of a physical beauty that one is loved. My Giordano has the loose seams, sagging neckline, 2 shades lighter of a color and nipped holes (thanks to one break in rodent security) to prove how it has been loved and cherished all through these years. And I love it still, I still wear them you know, every once in a while when I sleep, it is my comfort and haven. Cosmo Manila, it would be great to wear Giordano again in my waking hours - casual fun-filled days engaging in the art that I love and living life to the fullest again!

    arlyn lim

  34. I want to win a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because the Giordano Lion Polo design suits me and Giordano shirts are always comfy and stylish. The current design is great and I will be a proud owner if I win one.
    I hope I can win this great shirt from @Cosmo Manila.


  35. I should win Giordano Lion Polo shirt because i love Giordano and it will be a great advance xmas gift for me to have clothes like Giordano Lion Polo Shirt which i will really treasure and be proud to have that one of a kind brand.

    Melanie regala
    lei_cholo@yahoo .com

  36. I love to win Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because 1st the quality is excellent, 2nd its style is very fashionable, and 3rd because its very comfortable and proud for me to were a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt. Hoping to have this one!!

  37. I would like to win this Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because this is simply irresistible! Giordano always exudes style, comfort and quality. This would be a nice transformation from my sometimes boring office uniform and could always look forward to wearing this during Friday wash day to watching movies and to other weekend getaway. With the colors available,I could never go wrong with Giordano Lion Polo, it will definitely fit my mood.


  38. I should win a lion polo from Giordano because I want to give this wonderful and high quality t-shirt to my husband as my surprise wedding anniversary gift to him. He is the best husband for me, he takes care of me and loved me unconditionally that’s why I want to give him the best polo shirt. Wearing Giordano Lion Polo Shirt will give him additional “pogi points” that makes him confident and stand out from the crowd.

    FB: http://www.facebook.com/graciouslissa

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. I should win this Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because my husband really loves Giordano shirt and this would be a great year-end gift for him, it's been a year since his last purchase of his orange Giordano Polo Shirt,my husband really looks good with Giordano.Hope to win this.


  41. I love Giordano as a brand! The brand is the epitome of class and comfort. They have the most simple and stylish clothes that I really like the most, like this lion shirt, simple but classy. It looks presentable and I can wear it anywhere. Why would I want to win it? I already gave one to my beau. Winning this contest will means A matching shirt for us. It should be perfect for the Holidays

    Oh yeah, the Lion, it's perfect for my tagline: I'm Prosti hear me moan~!


  42. I have a passion for fashion that's why I must have this Giordano Lion Polo without sacrificing my comfort. I am fund of wearing polo since I realized that it bests suits my personality which is serious but bubbly and not boring. This polo can make my wardrobe looks better and can add some spice and strength in my personality. Wearing this lion polo will definitely make my aura RAWRRRR!

    email: alejandro_15alonzo@yahoo.com
    blog: http://lonzeeme.blogspot.com

  43. I should win this Lion Polo from Giordano, For me Giordano signifies elegance while the Lion signifies braveness. I want both Elegance and Braveness comes to me.

  44. ako ang karapat dapat na manalo ng lion polo galing sa giordano kase tiyak na bagay na bagay sa akin yan at masusuot ko yan sa christmas party ng team namin na aquafortis dragonboat tiyak na poging pogi ko jan..

  45. I deserve to win a Lion Polo shirt from Giordano because I love wearing polo shirt and orange color makes me more whiter and cute. Hope I could win this and I will be proud wearing it and will tell about the shirt to all my friends so that they will buy it and all of us will wear it when we meet!

    Chidanice Jose


    I do believe I should have this awesome giordano shirt... y? because if I win this, I will give it to my husband's cousin... well, he is a bachelor and he is a policeman and some of us, including me.. do not appreciate them or maybe just thinking that they are doing nothing but adding trouble and problems in our society... but this man is very different.. he is so kind and he is not using his power of being a policeman into any violence. He is very disciplined man and in fact he is helping other people. He is a very very good model. He changed the way how I looked at the filipino police, well some of them are probably not like him that is why when I saw this opportunity of winning this Giordano Shirt, I grabbed it... because this is the only way to tell him that he should continue his good doings and that we appreciate it... I REALLY REALLY WANT HIM TO HAVE THIS SHIRT IT WILL BE PERFECT FOR HIM.... I WILL GIVE IT ON CHRISTMAS DAY... =))


  47. I should win a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because I'm sure it would look good with my black Giordano slacks. Hope I'd get a garnet or any "close to red" shade to add to my pink and maroon Giordano Shirts.


  48. I deserve to win a Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because my name is Leo, Giordano Lion fits my style since I was named after the lion.


  49. Cosmo Manila and Giordano Philippines, I'd be honored to win this for a very special woman in my life. She is a mother of two and she's my role model. She has never failed to run a household. Her love affair with the man in her life still shines like new. She is my mother.

    My tot of a kid brother can be a challenge all the time, but mom breezes through it. I may be a challenge most of the time being a 'tween who wants to take on the world. Dad can be a challenge at times when he's over busy with work and hobby. But mom has withstood it all. And I know she can withstand anything. Because we are behind her 100%.

    For my birthday, next week, I want her not to give me something. I want her to receive this very special and one of a kind GIORDANO shirt as a token of our gratitude for her, for her ROARING success as our one and only "ilaw ng tahanan," for her lycra-like patience and perseverance (that stretches no end) and her cottony-fluffy-toughie-softie love for all of us. She's indeed very special and one of a kind, a perfect match to this Giordano Lion Polo shirt. :)

    daea-roble, daeaSR (at) gmail.com

  50. I deserve to win Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because I want to give something for my brother who will be celebrating his birthday this coming December.


  51. Simplicity and uniqueness makes these Lion Polo Shirt of Giordano stand out from the crowd. Its time for me to stand out, thats why I need one. ^_^

    aaron barnedo

  52. My love affair with Giordano started since 1987. Before, I was like a walking Classics model, with 3-4 colors stashed in my closet. And I am one of the many who can attest and really know Giordano shirts and garments are built to last. Giordano shirts are the epitome of comfort and a signature of quality - you will feel like royalty. This lion shirt would be a great reward, a sign of a stronghold that withstands the test of time. Wouldn't it be a classic example of a match made in safari-heaven - a union (and reunion) of loyalties to Giordano to a staunch and loyal fan? Yours truly...

    Arce Lim (fb-hidburn ecra-lim)

  53. i love Giordano Lion Polo cuz it's unique, stylish and so comfy to wear! it's GIRODANO! so what do you expect! i'm not being bias but from start still Giordano rocks the polo industry! they're the original and consistent when it comes to polo! it doesn't look old even if it used more than 5 years ago! i love GIORDANO! more power!

    Arlene Albar

  54. I deserve to win Giordano Lion Polo Shirt because I love wearing Giordano shirt. It is comfortable and I will look prestigious with it. When you say Giordano, the first thing that came to mind is it's quality, very durable so you can use it for years. Having Giordano Lion Polo Shirt is a big reward to me for being a mother of 5 who did a lot of hardship and devoted her life for her children and to give them a good life.

    Josie Dee

  55. Hi Cosmo Manila! I would want to win this Giordano Lion Polo for one of the most selfless person I know of, my husband. He has been, and continue to be, a person whom his family and friends alike can count on always -- like the dependable brand that is Giordano. Also, my hubby is the shy type, this Giordano Lion Polo can help give him the boost of confidence that he needs!

    Vanessa Salosagcol

  56. I deserve to win a lion polo from Giordano because of its very unique design, a bold rampant lion logo have been grabbing attention to all. Its best for fashion conscious consumer like me, lolz :). I can wear it with proud because its a leading apparel brand ^_^. And the best thing about Giordano's polo is I can wear it with wide variety of bottom like pants, skirt and jeans short. I so luv it.

  57. I deserve to win a lion polo from Giordano because of its very unique design, a bold rampant lion logo have been grabbing attention to all. Its best for fashion conscious consumer like me, lolz :). I can wear it with proud because its a leading apparel brand ^_^. And the best thing about Giordano's polo is I can wear it with wide variety of bottom like pants, skirt and jeans short. I so luv it.

    Joy Ramos

  58. i like the lion polo shirt because it looks sporty.it looks like it came from europe because most of the logos in europe are lions.

    Anthony Ang

  59. I deserve to win a lion polo from Giordano because I always aim for the best, just like Giordano. I am a big fan of Giordano. They produce high-quality shirts that are not just fashionable but make a statement as well. Giordano isn't just about style; it's about the heart to go beyond the ordinary and keep up with the changing times. This brand will never go out of style, just like a lion can never be unseated as the king of the jungle. More power, Giordano!

    Justine Laure

  60. i should win a lion polo from Giordano because i really wanted to have it... i really love its stylish and hip designs...

    Jonathan Amador

  61. I want to win a Lion Polo from Giordano, If I win, I'm going to give it to my hubby as my Wedding Anniversary gift :)

    My hubby is a fan of Giordano since school days, now that he's working his loyalty to Giordano still remains. Hope I can give one for our special day.

    Polinda Usero

  62. I deserve to win a lion polo Giordano simply because I want to give it to a special someone, Marvick Mendoza on his 25th birthday who is still fighting on his own battle for his health condition. I really admire him for keeping himself more stronger despite of the Big challenges he is currently facing right now. I'm thanking God for giving him enough strength to face all those things and also to his family and friends who keep on supporting him. He deserves this simple gift and I'd like to choose the color RED of any shade (if any) for his courageousness of not giving up despite of all the pains it caused on him. Indeed, he is a Survivor! :)

    Ana Katrina D. Sta. Ana

  63. I deserve to win a lion polo Giordano because my birthday is near, it's a huge blessing for me if I have a polo such as from Giordano to wear on my special day. Just wanna try my luck, besides its my birthday, I know lot of good things might happen.

    Thank you.
    Erlinda Oyan

  64. I want to have the Giordano lion polo shirt because it looks cool and good. It's been a while since i got Giordano shirts. I want to have one soon and I hope this will be the chance to get one for free.

    Oliver Liao

  65. I should win a lion polo Giordano, for my 54 years of existence I never had the chance to wear a Giordano products. It's too pricey for me but I believe that Giordano has a great quality, classic design polo shirts you can wear in any occassion. If I can't afford to buy one, I hope I can.

    Editha Tabaniag

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. I ♥♥♥ Giordano, and I want to have a NEW REAL Giordano Lion Polo Shirt, because my old Giordano was only from ukay-ukay. honestly because I can’t afford one..
    ika nga sabi nila: if you want something, take it, but if you really can't, you just wait it until you get it into an ukay-ukay because you know it's the one ORIGINAL!
    I really love Giordano because it’s an
    all-in-one and it's a unisex outfit, I feel decent and comfortable with it.

    Juliet Pegad

  68. Dear Giordano Philippines and Cosmo Manila,

    If you are to ask me, I would not want a Giordano Lion Polo for myself. Unlike others who would want to gift themselves with this high-quality pique fabric shirt, I would actually want to give this to a person who truly deserves a special shirt after all he’s been through in life.

    You see, I don’t want this polo for myself. I would actually love to give this as a simple gift to my loving daddy who’s always very supportive of our family. I would love him to proudly wear this shirt because this would be his reminder of all the challenges that he’s been through in his more than 60 years of existence. Giordano is a brand that has been through the test of times, yet is still a very thriving and successful company. In the same manner, my dad post-retirement is still a person who is still worth emulating. Giordano strictly adheres to an upright set of values that differentiate this from the rest. Albeit Giordano may not be in the limelight, it still has managed to shine in its own respect. Likewise, I would like to think of my dad in that manner. A successful banker, husband, son, father, grandfather, and friend is my dad who started from nothing.

    I would truly treasure this opportunity to give him a polo shirt that’s a symbol of what he’s been through so far in his life.

    Starrie Sun

  69. Why should I win a Giordano Lion Polo shirt among all these pool of Giordano fanatics? First off, I am no Giordano fan and have never, in my life, worn one. But my mom is and my mom always has. I have no plans of giving it to her though (as she probably has all the Giordano colors in her wardrobe), but I'm planning to give it a try. Why? Because my work will require me and because I'd like to find out why my mom's so addicted to wear these collared "babies" (as how she pertains to them). Giordano shirts are known for being versatile and durable. As a future engineer, by the good Lord's guidance, Giordano shirts will be perfect to wear in sites, plants, meetings, or even when sharing stories over a cup of coffee with colleagues. Giordano shirts are also available in a wide array of colors (as what I've seen in my mom's collection) so I will have no problem pairing it with my favorite accessories or even with my mood. Lastly, I'd like to have a Giordano shirt and have a feel of it because if I really, really liked the feeling of wearing it and if it makes me comfy and cute and confident, then I'll be having no reasons not to ask my boyfriend to have one too for our color-coordinated dates! HAHA! :D

    Melanie Magno

  70. i don't have luck in winning contests or raffles however giving up is not in my vocabulary especially if its a giordano shirt up for grabs. i would be glad and proud to wear the shirt with a richer look and feel, emblazoned with a bold rampant lion logo that could easily grab attention.

    erickson martin

  71. I should win a Lion Polo from Giordano because it has been ages since I last had a decent polo shirt and it would be nice to wear a Giordano again (a brand I grew up with). :D

  72. I like to win this Giordano Lion Polo Shirt Because this is the brand that known everywhere even in the local and international country with has Good in Quality and Elegant Style. Fit for the whole Family ,<3 Giordano

    cherie puno

  73. Where else can you buy a very classy and durable polo shirt but in Giordano. My polo shirts are from Giordano. I would love to have this Giordano Lion Polo Shirt. I like the unique stitched logo that for sure will be an awesome fashion statement.

  74. I love Giordano for its simple designs yet classy. But the best thing I like about the clothes is it timelessness.

    I want to win this polo and gave it to my friend who stood by me all these times. He deserves something from all the effort he have shown.

    Kristofer M. Bausas

  75. I want to win this polo because of its superior quality and casual cool design which will be typically Giordano that it will look good on me. Not to mention, this Hong Kong brand knows the Asian fot very well.

    Gail Christiane Te

  76. http://www.facebook.com/feigh/posts/161456753891205

    Maria Fatima Maniago

    I should win a lion polo shirt from Giordano because I wanna see my hubby wearing this cool shirt on his special day. Just in time on his upcoming birthday - November 21. So i guess this would be a great surprise for him and he's into wearing polo shirt... Thank you Cosmo Manila Manila!!!

  77. I deserve to win The Giordano Lion Polo to look elegant yet cool anytime! Its vibrant colors will help me shine and standout on a crowd. Beauty, they say is a work of art most particularly if one wears a Giordano Lion Polo!!!


  78. Hospital uniforms spell w-h-i-t-e and nothing else, most of the time. Uniforms are there to promote professionalism, attitude of service, streamlining to an organization's vision, mission and goals and true to hospital settings - cleanliness and sterility. Hospital uniforms don't spell f-u-n, nor f-a-s-h-i-o-n, precisely why me and my colleagues look forward to days off, official duties out of the wards and special occasions. Wouldn't it be great to be funky and stand out once in a while, and add some spunk to your outfit? They say once you're out of your white uniforms and caps, there's a totally new and different you. I totally agree. And with the Giordano Lion Polo Shirt, it's dressing with flair and wearing your personality in your sleeve! Who says flair doesn't come with quality, fab factor AND comfort? With Giordano, it's a marriage of true minds, and all of the above. Thanks Cosmo Manila for this giveaway!

    BEVC is at iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  79. Official Announcement:

    Due to the enormous turnout of comments, I would like to advice that Cosmo Manila is still choosing from the entries and will announce the 5 winners of Giordano Lion Polo on November 16, 2010 (Tuesday).

    Thank you for your support and participation in the contest of Cosmo Manila Lifestyle Blog. <3

  80. I love Giordano clothes although i often got no chance to buy it because of financial difficulties, i often look at it in department stores. Been saving, for me to be able to buy it.

  81. i want giordano polo shirt, becoz of its lion logo, that makes it cool!


  82. Polo shirt is one of the most popular dress for every men & women.Personally I like it so much.your Giordano Lion Polo Shirt is so nice.
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  83. You can join with these polo contest, its very good contest who are interest for polo design creator.

    Air Wellness

  84. i don't like this polo !
    it's a copycat of the ralph lauren polo

  85. I love this polo shirt! Polo shirts supplier Philippines really doing their job great!