Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Loud in Makati and A Sidetrip to the SideBar

Friday Clubbers
In the day-2 of our bar hopping adventure, I invited a different set of friends. This time, there were four of us, and we've decided to raid the bars of Makati City.

w/ Vince & Hannah at Toyz Makati
A few days ago, I have already been to Toyz with some bloggers and we had a late afternoon gathering and some drinks.

Toyz Makati

So Jeff, Mel, Mark, and I decided to meet at a local convenience store below Il Ponticello in Makati at about 10pm.

Il Ponticello Entrance
It's located at the second floor of Antel 2000 building near Valero St. It's my first time here and it seems that half of the bar was occupied by a group celebrating an event.

With the same agenda for the previous and following bars, we are to try out the Singapore Grand Prix promo. Similar to yesterday, the big Singapore Grand Prix banner greeted us at the entrance. And the natural reaction of a blogger is - guess what - take photos. :)

It was party music night and the DJ mix included hits from Back Street Boys. Surprisingly, the people were able to groove and get loud with the music being children of the 90's :) Anyhow, it was cozy and spacious on our side of the bar while the party goers jump around across the other side of the bar.

Observably, the crowd here is composed of the office workers from around the area. They were still in their yuppie-long-sleeved attire while jamming with the beats.
Gambas Rev & Rave Barchow

Clubbing @ Il Ponticello
Il Ponticello
We also ordered Pizza
 We ordered Bacci cocktail drink (P180) and Gambas (Shrimp) (P400+). Both are part of the Rev&Rave drinks and barchow.
Instant Prize? No? :(
Raffle Stub

Come raffle-drawing time, it seems that we were just as unlucky as yesterday. We got another series of "Thank You" pick-a-prize stubs. Nonetheless, we still get a chance on the grand raffle and get a chance to win a trip to Singapore to attend the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore and other prizes.
Dropping in the Drop Box. I hope to win!

Clubbing in Il Ponticello Video:

Up next is Fiamma. This is what I love about makati in the evening, street parking is free. So from Il Ponticello along Valero, we went to Jupiter St. where Fiamma is.

Unfortunately, Fiamma was expectedly on the roll for a friday night. It was flowing with people upto the side streets.


Having been to three bars in Makati, we decided to end the night in Sidebar in Pasig City on our way home.

I have known Sidebar since 2005 when I use to work at the commercial buidling JMT Towers beside it.

I was surprised  as they have restructured the place and it's obviously well-lit compared to the others we've been to. It's more of a sit-down bar actually, than the dance clubs yesterday and Il Ponticello.
New Sidebar
Sidebar DJ on the music beat

It also seems that the crowd of Sidebar is more mature. Perhaps since the market in the commercial area is also composed of professionals and managers.

We were more on our own here since the Singapore Grand Prix guide assigned to each club reportedly went home already. So we asked the waiters which drinks and barchow was part of the Singapore Grand Prix promo and ordered them.
Ferrari Rev& Rave Cocktail
The Ferrari cocktail (P120) was literaly fiery with fire on top of the shotglass. :) One has to blow it off and drink straight. My friend Jeff said it has hints of a coffee aftertaste. :)
Brig Pizza

We just had the drink as they can't identify which barchow is dessignated, if any. we just ordered Brig Pizza (P440). It came out with a unique shape. :)
Sidebar Clubbers

We also didn't get the chance to pick an instant prize nor fill up the coupons like in the other bars/clubs; but it's ok.

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Getting Loud in Makati and Pasig!
Grand Prix Season Singapore

It's already past 2am  and we decided to call it a day. This is my day-2 of GETTING LOUD around the city of Makati; and a sidetrip to the Sidebar.


  1. perfect yung ferrari na drink for the Formula One Singtel Singapore Grand Prix haha.

    Had a great time bar hopping with you!

  2. Looks like Jeff & the gang had such a good time! :)