Monday, May 23, 2011

First Try on Hair Removal with SkinStation

I'm used to different types of facial treatments, from regular ones to diamond peel; and even those with acne treatments. But when SkinStaion's invitation to try their Soprano Diode treatment hair removal service came into my inbox, it hair-tickled my curiosity. :)

I'm not a 'hairy' person myself with only a soft beard and dash of goatee so hair removal treatments not that relevant to me. However, it's a different story for the women in the Philippines who value a hairless, soft, and smooth skin in almost all parts of their body.

There are two major things that I got from this recent experience:

1) I Learned A Lot about Hair Removal

Right after lunch, a brief talk about the nature of body hair was discussed by the poeple from SkinStation and these are just some of what I learned about the nature of hair:
  • Hair follicles are sensitive to heat
  • The basic theory of hair removal is heating up the hair bulb and eventually killing it.
  • Laser hair removal works better on darker hair shades (black vs blondes)
  • Hair removal treatments are most effective only for hairs in the anagen phase which is regularly 10-15% only of our total hair
The fourth statement explains why multiple sessions are needed in hair removal procedures. Customers should come back next when new set of hair are in anagen phase which are usually replenished 4 to 8 weeks depending on the body part.

2) I Tried Hair Removal for the First Time

I honestly didn't have any plans of getting any of my hair from any part of my body removed. I am at peace with all my hair in my body, you might say. :) I intend to continue maintaining some mustache and a goatee as part of my facial landscape.

But for the sake of trying and experiencing it myself, I remembered that in shaving / forming my goatee, I always remove the hair on the lower part of my chin running towards the neck. So I thought why not get rid of that part which I always remove; and hence the photos below.
Cosmo Manila undergoing a minor surgery Soprano Diode Laser hair removal treatment
So How is this Different from Other Hair Removal Treatments?
So here's the good news. From my limited knowledge and basic understanding on hair sciences, SkinStation's specific laser technology used in my treatment is called the Soprano Accord from Alma Lasers. It's basically the first and only diode laser hair removal in the country today as they claim.

But Laser Hair Reomval is Not New?

That's right, but this one uses diode which emits 'smaller' but 'more' shots of laser which virtually makes it painless compared to other hair removal treatments. SkinStation call it "cumulative" energy or the "SHR theory" which penetrates deeper with 'low peak' energy and less epidermal trauma without the burn, pain, anesthesia, nor use of ice.
Companion Mom Blogger undergoing the same hair removal treatment on the upper lip
And so, based on my own experience, I felt no pain at all. And instead of heat, I felt cold. This was partially due to the cool gel applied on the skin target area during the procedure which lasted 90 seconds. Length of exposure is dependent of skin area.
So if you are interested, SkinStation said that the Soprano Diode Laser hair removal system is intended for use for all skin types and is FDA approved. It can be applied to different parts of the body but they discourage it for the eyebrow and the hair scalp. Yes, you can have your Brazilian or Boyzilian treatments. :P


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  4. Please research information instead of relying on the press kit provided by the merchant. On the contrary, the machine being featured here is not the first and only Diode Laser Hair Removal in the Philippines.

    SPA or Soprano Accord provides a powerful solution for SPAS looking for an effective permanent hair-reduction system that enhances their customer experience. This machine offers Fluence up to 10J/CM2.

    Soprano XL or Xli has an 810 nm diode laser with Sapphire DualChill top. This offers Fluence up to 120/cm2. The difference is that XL has up to 10Hz Repetition Rate for SHR Mode and up to 3Hz Repetition Rate for Pulsed Mode. This machine also has 1300 NIR derma heating handpiece.

    LightSheer has an 800 nm diode laser with contact cooling and very long pulse widths provides for effective, long-term hair reduction. The downside is bigger chances of getting laser burns. This machine has 12 x 12 mm with up to 2Hz Repetition Rates. For sensitive areas, topical anesthesia will have to be used. This is comfortable enough for areas like the underarms.

    LightSheer Duet has a larger spot size of 22 mm x 35 mm combined with innovative vacuum-assist technology enabling faster treatment for larger areas such as backs and legs comfortably, without topical anesthetics and treatment gel.

    Given the choice, I would choose either the LightSheer Duet or Soprano XL for a safe and effective way to achieve permanent hair reduction.

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  7. Hair just kept on coming back. Is this the same experience with you? I was hoping to remove all the hairs but they look the same to me.

  8. I've had 2 sessions from a different clinic. I tried this procedure in Skinstation once. The procedure in my previous clinic was more painful than Skinstation's but I was more satisfied with the result... It's just my first session anyway, let's wait...

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  10. Isn't Skin Station using Soprano Accord or Spa Accord? From what I know, it is also Diode but it is different. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is it as effective?

  11. electrolysis is much more permanent and also less painful. laser is VERY PAINFUL! plus electrolysis can target any hair colour or type. laser can only target hair pigments. so if you want to remove white hair, laser can never do that. and the market for white hair removal is huge. i wonder why nobody does this in the philippines.

  12. base on my review electrolysis is the only way to remove unwanted hair permanently as approve by FDA.

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  16. I have tried all sorts of method to remove unwanted hair (IPL, Wax, shave) but I can attest that diode laser is the best method out there. I only went 4 session and a yearly maintenance to keep off unwanted hair.

    If you ask me it is all worth it.

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