Monday, May 30, 2011

New Tomato Scents: 'Oohlalicious' and 'Vavalicious' on Smelling Delicious

A new addition comes to Tomato's collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories - perfumes! Tomato introduces its own pair of eau de toilette scents meant to capture the cosmopolitan sophistication of its patrons - the Oohlalicious and Vavalicious.

Oohlalicious” and “Vavalicious”, are specially blended to complement Tomato's fashion wear and accessories. Just from the name alone, you would already fall for them. Though both nose-stealing, the two cater to opposite extremes.

Subtly Yummy Oohlalicious

More subtle among the two, Oohlalicious pronounce towards the foxy type of sexiness. It leaves a light trail of scent, not to strong but just right for everyday use. It is best paired with your casual smile tucking a lock of hair behind your ear. :)

Oohlalicious' fresh and fruity notes blends well with the conservative Filipina with hints of  jasmine, rose and light musk notes. It is trailed by sweet and woodsy endnotes.

I think the transparent round flacon container could have been better but the silver heart charms adornment engraved with the statement “Smell delicious. Be Delicious,” made up for the loss.
Sandra Seifert who was at the launch in Tomato's Trinoma branch last May 20 (and joined by Anton Del Rosario of Philippine Azkals), shares that “Oohlalicious is perfect for Tomato Women who are young, fun, and sexy. It gives a boost of positivity so you’d feel good and confident about yourself.”
Modern & Spicy Vavalicious

Modern, chic and spicy describes Vavalicious' scent. More elegant and sophisticated to the sense of smell, it has a hint of spiciness. It ultimately fits a woman of class and charm with a strong red lipstick to match.

Vavalicious exudes warm woodsy notes with a subtle dairy feel. It's encased in a teasing heart shaped bottle with a sexy angled cap with a pari of gold heart charm ornament.

Vavalicious is something that could ‘spice up’ your life. Apply it on your wrist or neck is like adding a little fun in you,Sandra adds.

Oohlalicious and Vavalicious are available in all Tomato branches and kiosks nationwide at an affordable  P300 per bottle. Tomato also featured Oohlalicious and Vavalicious at the recently concluded Bloggers United event.

Reaction from a Man

If my girlfriend would wear one, I'd love the laid-back Oohlalicious scent on her. :)
Anton Del Rosario of Philippine Azkals also joined Sandra Seifert in the Tomato Launch

Visit a Tomato store near you and get a free a cute accessory for your cell phone upon purchase. Try on the scrumptious new eau de toilette and exude pure deliciousness to captivate your men. :P

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