Sunday, May 15, 2011

BUM: My Reality My Story Contest

BUM Equipment launched an online photo and story contest early last month called "My Reality My Story Contest."

The contest is in line with the brand's image and projection catering to the young market and their moods of being daring and bold.

Here are the contest mechanics and details if you wish to join: (Join Here)

1. Contestant must have a valid Email.
2. “My Story” contest is open for Boys & Girls, 13 yrs old above and resident of the Philippines.
3. A contestant is qualified to join upon purchase of any of BUM’s My Story Collection T-Shirt for boys or girls available at BUM Boutiques & leading Department Stores Nationwide.
4. To register, Log on to and fill up the application details. Photos must be taken with a date starting April 1, 2011 until the end of entry submission. The collections are identifiable by the “My Story” swing tags.
5. BUM Management and the website administrator shall screen the entries, makes sure that entries are written decently, should not contain any obscene words and the likes before uploading and posting at BUM’s website.

Photographs must adhere to the following guidelines to be approved and uploaded:
• It must be clear and not blurred.
• It must be focused on one person only who is wearing the BUM My Story T-Shirt.
• It must have a date starting from April 1 – May 30, 2011.
• It must be in landscape orientation.

6. Should a contestant decide to “post” or “share” their stories on Facebook, Twitter or any other website without the knowledge and controls of BUM, BUM shall not in any way responsible for whatever consequences and or any sort of comments allowing himself/herself to be the subject of varying comments, view and opinions of people, which may be express or relayed not just at BUM’s Facebook Fan page, but in other ways and medium, including but not limited to blogs. In such cases BUM Management & the website administrator will not be in any way held responsible and whatsoever in the dissemination of such.

7. Before submission of entries, contestants attest he or she has fully read and understood the mechanics and agrees upon the terms and conditions of this promotion.

8. Promo period April 1, 2011 to May 30, 2011. Announcement of winners June 30, 2011

Deadline And Submission Of Entries

All entries must be received until 11:59 p.m. of May 30, 2011. BUM will not responsible for any technical delay in the transmission of the entries. All entries must be submitted via

Voting Of Entries

1. Anyone who visits the BUM website can vote once for any entry. IP address of the voter will be logged on the database to prevent double voting. A unique IP address is equivalent to one vote per entry.

2. Voting starts once first approved entries are posted on the website and ends 11:59 PM June 29, 2011.

3. Only the votes executed at BUM website will be considered valid.

4. Top 8 best entries will be selected based on the entries with top number of votes.
BUM: My Reality My Story Contest
Criteria For Judging

5 Semi-finalists, 2 Runner-ups and Grand Winner Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. BUM Factor (40%) – Is the story’s legibility parallel to BUM campaign?
2. Originality (30%) – Is the subject matter pictured in a unique way or is a common item shown from an interesting point-of-view? Does the photo demonstrate originality?
3. Creativity (30%) – Are the items of interest placed well in the photo? Are there distracting elements? Is the photo in focus? Is the story interesting?

Mechanics For Judging

1. On June 30, 2011 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon at BUM Head Office, Top 8 entries shall be screened by the Judges to get the top 5 semi-finalists, 2 runner ups and the grand winner finalist. The following panel of judges, with the DTI representative and officers from BUM shall be present during the screening:

a. MR. NATHAN ATIENZA – VP FOR MARKETING AND ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATION; He’s the approving executive for Marketing Activities.
b. MR. BENJIE TORRIJOS- BRAND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT; He’s in charge of brand image and development.
c. MS.JUDY MARET- PR MANAGER- She’s in charge of brand publicity and press releases.

2. Out of the top 8 entries, the Judges will choose the winners based on the set criteria. Each Judge shall be given a score sheet and tallied in the presence of a DTI representative. The same panel of judges, with a DTI representative and officers from BUM shall be present during the determination of winners.


Prizes for this contest are as follows:
Grand Prize
i. Apple iPad2 16GB WIFI
ii. BUM Loot Bag
2nd Prize – 2 Runner-Ups
i. Samsung ES65 Camera
ii. BUM Loot Bag
3rd Prize – 5 Semi-Finalists
i. Apple iPod Shuffles
ii. BUM Loot Bag

A participant can only win once in the entire contest. In the event more than one entry of a contestant wins, the following rule shall apply:
a. The entry with the higher prize shall prevail;
b. If the entries win similar prizes, the entry garnering the higher rating shall prevail;

All prizes are non-transferable and non-convertible to cash and or BUM products.


1. Winners shall be announced in BUM website, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter on June 30, 2011, 10PM.
2. Winner shall be notified thru registered mail, email and phone call.
3. Winners must present valid Identification to claim the prize.
4. Prizes not claimed within 60 days upon receipt of notification shall be forfeited in favor of BUM with prior DTI approved.
5. Decisions of the sponsors and judges are final and binding with the concurrence of the DTI.
6. Metro Manila winner must claim their prizes at the BUM Head Office located at Jade Building McArthur Highway, Malabon City from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Mondays to Fridays). Prizes for the provincial winners shall be delivered via designated courier upon confirmation of receipt of notification by phone or email specified in the registered mail.
7. Winners must present a valid ID and registered notice.

What are you waiting for? Join BUM Equipment's "My Reality, My Story." contest! (Join Here)

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