Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 23 & August 30 - Philippine Holidays 2010; Long Weekends Expected

Students and workers can revel in the upcoming Philippine 2010 Holidays combo of 2 consecutive Mondays - August 23 21 & August 30, 2010.
They are declared as as a special non-working holiday and regular Philippine holiday, respectively.
Impt Aug 12 UpdateAug 23 is not a holiday anymore. Aug 21 is a holiday, instead.

The August 23 21 special non-working Philippine holiday, Monday nearest August 21, is Ninoy Aquino Day based from RA No. 9256 commemorating the Death of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

The August 30 regular Philippine holiday is National Heroes Day (last Monday of August).

Both these weekends and the holiday results in two upcoming long weekends supporting holiday economics.

Stay tuned for more Philippine Holidays information and the upcoming Philippine 2011 Holidays
Calendar soon!


  1. we got news that the Aquino administration is still studying as of press time whether to push through with the August 23 holiday since it was the proclamation of the previous Arroyo administration.

    update to be posted as soon as available.

  2. Aug 12 Update:

    August 23 is NO Longer A Holiday, Declares Pres. Noynoy ==>