Friday, August 13, 2010

Discovering Enjoy Lifestyle Card

I have been a Citibank Credit Card user for more than 6 years now and I haven't paid a single centavo for my annual membership fee. Why? Because I'm loyal and use my reward points intelligently. :)

I also have a other credit cards, SM Advantage card and a Mercury drugstore Suki Card, among others. So I guess you get the point. :)

I was really amazed after getting to know more about the relatively new Enjoy Privilege Card a few weeks ago. Honestly, I've heard about Enjoy! since last year but with my gazillions of discount cards, I'm not really looking forward of getting another one.

But discovering Enjoy changed my mind.

It all started with a simple lunch at Museum Cafe over a brief introduction of what the Enjoy privilege card is all about.
"Enjoy, the country’s premier lifestyle card, offers over P250,000 worth of treats, discounts and freebies from over 700 partner establishments in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Boracay for only P1,995." shared Alfie Sy, marketing director of Enjoy.
"P250,000 worth of treats?" Oh come'on. And for almost P2,000 just for a card, isn't that a little expensive? Or so I thought; until I saw their privilege/coupon booklet.

Indeed, there were a lot of well-chosen and prestigious establishments that are partners with the Enjoy program. From dining, shopping, to health and lifestyle services, and even travel accomodations! I realized that they're not kidding about the hundreds of partner establishments.

Being a travel and food blogger myself, my foodie spirit and itchy feet came alive. :)

And about the P1995 fee? A complimentary custom made cake from the Chef Laudico page coupon worth upto P5,000 is more than enough to cover for this expense - and we're just talking about ONE out of the 200+ pages of the coupon booklet.
Chef Laudico Freebie Value of upto P5K

Getting free makeovers, delighting in discounted―if not free―delectable dishes, seizing the hottest shopping finds is the name of the game. All these and more are what Enjoy Card holders can expect to experience.

So unless you live under a rock or doesn't have a social life beyond Facebook, you should definitely get an Enjoy privilege card - I did!

We also did a simulation of the availment procedures right after lunch within the vicinity of Greenbelt.

Oh my, the Greenbelt area alone has a multitude of estalishments and dining spots for Enjoy members. We run around simulating the use of the card and basically rimmed through Greenbelt 2's line of restaurants such as Italianni's, Flapjacks, and Bizu. We also visited Viktor Jeans in Greenbelt 5, among others and finally ended with a dish at Fish and Co.

Now, I'm looking forward to a number of exciting discounts and treats from some of my favorite shopping establishments (I'm reserving my food list and travel spots for my food and travel blogs, respectively). Here are some of them which lasts until Sept 2011:

  • Crumpler - one 15% Off coupon and 10% off every purchase. I love Crumpler's bag designs and style!
  • Fully Booked - one time P300 or P1000 worth of free books for P2k or P5K single receipt purchase, respectively; 10% off for cash purchase 5% off for credit card selected purchases.
  • Runnr specialty store - one time Php 500 off When spending a minimum single cash receipt worth Php 4000 on regular-priced items and Php 200 off when spending a minimum single cash receipt worth Php 2000 on regular priced items.
  • Amuma Spa - get one time Free 15-minute Amuma Spa Massage Sampler for check-in guest and 15% on all Amuma Spa treatments and services. You'll love their signature Amuma Hilot. I've tried it when we went to Maribago Bluewater Resort last summer.
  • Barre 3 - Get one time 10% Off on Your Membership When you refer a friend to be a monthly member and 5% off on single classes and retail items. I've tried Barre 3. It's like a combination of Yoga and Pilates.
  • The Spa - a Php 500 Off voucher on individual services and Php 300 off on individual services worth Php 1,500 - 2,000 / Php 3,000 off on annual membership fee. The Spa is one of my favorite Spa dens.
But wait, there's more!

Enjoy's directory guide is also accessible through a free and easy-to-download mobile application called EnjoyPH. It is compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphones for the tech-savvy.

Once you decide to get one (I don't know why not), the Enjoy card comes in a sleek red metal box with the members’ guide book and discount vouchers. The package also includes a map of merchant partners around the country.
Enjoy Privilege Card

Avail of the Enjoy card by visiting their website at or contact Reymer Salvador at 7509258. You may also check them out in Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the best of the Philippines! :)

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