Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Great Sale Find at Robinson's Toys R' Us!

Robinson's Toys R' Us
It's that season of the year again - it's Robinsons Malls' annual All-Out Clearance Sale for the whole month of August!

And so I found myself again last August 1 in my favorite Robinsons Mall - Robinson's Galleria.


The sale came just in the right time as I am looking for a gift for my soon to be 2yr-old "inaanak" (godchild) and niece this August. She's my second cousin's daughter.

Aside from searching for a gift, I couldn't just give any gift as their family are well-off. Simple gifts might be dismissed as a cheap one; so this poses more challenge. And with a tight budget, my shopping powers in hunting great buys have been summoned. :)

50% Off
Immediately, Robinson's toy mecca came into mind - Toys R' Us! With a vast collection of toys for all ages, I am bound to succeed. :)

And so the adventure begins. Rising to the fourth floor of Galleria, you would be immediately greeted with the tagline "The World's Geatest Toy Store!"

Expectedly, there were a lot of "Sale" tags all over the place. There were a lot of 50% discount posters too. I expected this as the big billboard outside the mall said "50% off".
Sale Items Were All-Over!

However, as I walked towards inside the store, I was surprised to see more items greater than 50% off! There were 70% off as well!

20%, 50%, 70% Off

The ones in great bargain are the last few stocks of certain toy models that is why the toys were still in great condition as compared to other malls' "sale" where the items are already dusty or damaged.

My first great cheap find was this electronic piano with special character toys on top. Aside from the piano tune, the figures move as you press different keys on the keyboard. It was really cute and fun. Price was originally P899.75. It's now P359. That's 60% off!

First Great Find: Electronic Piano
Original Price:  P899.75
Sale Price: P359
Discount: 60% Off
Savings:  P540.75

But my strategy is not to give in to my first good find. I believe that there are more possible great finds. One just need patience and perseverance. That is what you call bargain-hunting! :)

And I was right. The second one I found was a yellow battery-operated talking bear for only P359. It's original price was P1,199.75. That's 70% off!
Second Great Find: Talking Yellow Bear
Original Price:  P1,199.75
Sale Price: P359
Discount: 70% Off
Savings:  P840.75

I have searched the whole Toys R' Us by this time except the center section. A true shopper will not let pass a square meter of the shopping mall with out at least browsing through it.

I was not mistaken. There was this big colorful box with a 70% Off card over it. I took a look and discovered that it's a fancy kiddie table that makes music with lots of buttons for children over 1 yr of age. Hmmmm, this seems perfect for my "inaanak".

And the price? --P499. At first, it seems more expensive than my first two great finds. But, take note that the box is bigger, and this is not just a toy, it's a durable utility plastic table that can serve as a playtable already because of the attached toys on top which creates sounds with buttons.
Ultimate Great Find: Musical Table Toy
Original Price:  P1,999.75
Sale Price: P499
Discount: 75% Off
Savings:  P1500.75
The Price Tag: P499.00

And you know how much was its original price? P1999.75! Or 75% off! Yes, It's the ultimate bargain hunt at a fourth of the original price. But of course, my niece's parents does not have to know that. :) It's good that they don't know about this lifestyle blog of mine. They know my other blogs on travel and food. :)

Sale Shopping Tip: Check the items if they are working well.

But wait, it does not end there, the ultimate shopper always know to have your products checked before purchasing. Specially this one which is an electronic product and is battery-operated. Moreover, I choose the best box among the 5 remaining musical table-toys. Check out the photos, it doesn't look like it came from a stack of "on sale" items. :)

Paying for My Inaanak's Gift

The good news did not stop there. Toys R' Us gives free gift wrappers and wrapping services for  customers who purchased items more than P300. What a great day! :)

Free Gift Wrapping Section

A fitting gift for my niece's birthday? Check!
A great find sale item that looks new? Check!
A great find sale item that's easy on the budget at 75% off? Check!
Free gift wrapping for the birthday occasion? Check!

Only here at Robinson's Toys R' Us. :)

Robinson Malls' All-Out Clearance Sale
So what are you waiting for? I know you're itching your way to Robinson's right? Don't worry, you have about three weeks more for Robonson's mall-wide all-out clearance sale will last upto August 31. Check them out at Robinsons Malls Facebook!

Happy Shopping!.....I did!. :)


  1. That's really big savings! I'll check out the toys section for myself.

  2. The sale is really big that i saw a item with a 70% discount, these will really help me buy a good gift for my niece 2 :))

  3. WOW, great discounts!! Now, if only I had some cash...

  4. ang galing mo naman maghanap ng discount!

  5. wow. okay ah. i like robinson din when they do sale especially sa mga toys.

  6. wow. P1500 off. laki ng discount. =) for sure babalik ako, to buy toys for my godchildren. thanks Jonel for sharing this.

  7. @All - haha! ok, hanggang August 31 pa naman ang Robinsons Sale so pede pa umabot. :)

  8. hahabol ako!! tamang tama sweldo! babalik kami ni Iris...

    thanks for sharing this! =p