Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sony Inspires Young Designers in Philippine Fashion Week 2010

Last October 30, 2010, Sony laptops served as an inspiration for a set of young and budding fashion designers in the Philippine Fashion Week. Cosmo Manila was there at the SMX beside SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The function room was jam-packed with fashion icons, Sony product enthusiasts, and spectators.

The featured young designers include Bo Parcon, Dimple Lim, Don Protasio, Jot Losa, Enrico Carado, Russell Villafuerte, Herbert Custodio, Kermit Tesoro, Oz Go, and Xernan Orticio.

The fashion show started with an exhibition of different Sony VAIO laptop models. Later on, the laptops carried the names of the designers on its screen.

Different Sony VAIO-inspired designs walked the runway as interpreted by the designers. Some looked chic and modern while others went to the borders of the eccentric.

Here are the designs of the following:
Bo Parcon

Dimple Lim

Don Protasio

Enrico Carado

Jot Losa

Herbert Custodio

Kermit Tesoro

Oz Go

Xernan Orticio

Although a sound-related technical difficulty was briefly experienced in the set of Don Protacio, the models continued to walk the runway in confidence. As they say, the show must go on. After that, my digital camera's memory card became full such that I had to transfer the files and as a result, missed some of the designers' set.

Another trivially interesting observation of mine is the quick introduction walk of the individual designers (It was like for 5 seconds only per designer). It was so short for each of them that when I span my camera and aims to take their photos, they were already on their way back. :)
Quickest Runway Walk

Finally, Cosmo Manila's top choices from the featured designers in Sony VAIO's edition of the Philippine Fashion Week (whom we got photographs) are the following garbs:

Bo Parcon (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)

Dimple Lim (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)

Don Protacio (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Enrico Carado (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Jot Losa (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Herbert Custodio (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Kermit Tesoro (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Oz Go (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)
Xernan Orticio (Sony VAIO Philippine Fashion Week)

In the final walk, the designers and thier models walk the runway one final time as a group.
Sony VAIO edition of the Philippine Fashion Week

More Photos Sets Here

A recognition walk from Sony Philippines executives was the finale of the program. Indeed, it was a Sony-inspired fashionable night.

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