Friday, July 23, 2010

Food and Fashion Mix: Greenwich-Team Manila Level Up Pinoy Shirts Collaboration

And I never thought pizza-pasta and apparel can mix. :) Recently, Greenwich Pizza and Team Manila's collaboration defied the staus quo of mixing food with fashion.
In line with it's "Level-Up" campaugn,  Greenwich celebrates Filipino pride in showing everyone how world class we are. They released 2,010 pieces of Limited Edition Level Up Pinoy Shirts exclusively  designed and produced by Team Manila early last month.

There are three desings namely:

World-Class Filipino, Level Up Pinoy, and World-Class Pilipinas.
World-Class Filipino (L), Level Up Pinoy (M), World-Class Pilipinas (R).

Greenwich endorsers John Lloyd Cruz, Tim Yap, model Mika Lagdameo, and actor/singer Lloyd Zaragoza models the shirt for Greenwich.

I'd also like to thank Greenwich for the World-Class Pilipinas shirt they gave Cosmo Manila. I absolutely admire the black Level Up Pinoy design. But since I cannot wear black that often, I choose my second favoritte - the white World-Class Pilipinas, instead.

I can't help but immediately wear it the next day in my shooting for the GNN Destiny Cable network taping for the show Tek Tok TV, checl their site here. They interviewed me for my other blog - a travel blog - Lets Go Sago!.

It is not a sales building activity since they only produced 2010 of them. It is more of celebrating the spirit of Filipino nationalism in this time of renewed hope amidst a new government.
  It comes in this colorful and cool package.
Moreover, you can try looking for the 'secret' Greenwich logo "g" in all of the three shirt designs. :) Get yours now for P499 from any Greenwich branches in the Philippines. Check Greenwich's website for more info.

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