Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fitness First's Lose Big Program Encourages Targetted Wieght Loss

The recent Asia reality series 'The Biggest Loser Asia' proved that weight loss and getting fitter bodies is still possible in whatever you weigh you are in.
With that inspiration, Fitness First introduces its very own Lose Big Program. It's weight loss program specially designed by Biggest Loser Asia Blue Team Trainer and Fitness First Asia’s Regional Fitness Manager Dave Nuku.

 “The program is designed to cater to a certain weight class and the lifestyle they live.” says Nuku.

The Lose Big Program is a 13-week exercise and nutrition weight loss group-workout program that specially caters to people who have the will and desire to lose the weight but need initial guidance and structure. It is open to both Fitness First members and non-members.

The program will consist of two teams of eight participants with a qualified trainer leading each group. The intensive program encourages participants to achieve their goals with people of the same needs and motivations.
 “Most people who want to lose weight have the desire but not the exercise program appropriate to their weight class and needs which is why they do not lose the weight. With the Lose Big Program, these needs are addressed, ensuring significant weight loss and a healthy lifestyle,” added Nuku.

It is divided into four phases which would test one’s courage, determination, maintenance of momentum, and control of one’s body and weight. At the end of the 13-week program, participants would be able to plan their own fitness regimen.
The Big Lose Programme
Qualified participants must have a BMI of 25 and above or a body fat of 35% and above to be able to join as the program is designed for that weight class.
 “Fitness First continues to give people the opportunity to be healthy and fit individuals by giving them programs that are best suited for them.” said Mark Ellis, Country Manager, Fitness First Philippines.
Fitness Firt Philippines Country Manager Mark Ellis and Carlos Miguel
Celebrity Ruby Rodriguez was part of the 'The Biggest Loser Asia'
The Lose Big Program is now available in selected Fitness First clubs on a first-come, first-served basis. For inquiries call 848 0000 or visit Lose Big on weight, gain much on confidence! :)


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  2. This is actually a nice program. It can raise awareness to people and encourage those who are overweight or obese to get fit. Through this program, they won't be ashamed to work out and they can even find friends here.