Friday, April 23, 2010

Electrolux Hosts First Midsummer Festival!

Electrolux Philippines celebrated summer with its first ever Midsummer Festival a few weeks ago at Edsa Shangrila Hotel.

Yes, you heard it right, amidst the scorching heat of summer in the Philippines, Electrolux found a cool reason to celebrate it - their two new refrigerator and airconditioner lines.

It was an immersion to the Swedish culture as their heritage celebrates Midsummer as the beginning of summer after a long winter. Flower garlands and wreaths decorates the houses while friends and families gather together in traditional songs and dance around a Midsommarstang or maypole.

And so it was, the ballroom was filled with traditional Maypole dances and other Midsummer rituals as a symbol of Sweden’s important holidays.

Amidst the revelry, the focus of the event was the launching of Electrolux’s two new addition to its cooling line - The new Electrolux refrigerator and airconditioners.

Guests were treated to fresh strawberries (a traditional Midsummer fare), straight from inside the new Electrolux refrigerator to showcase how it retains the food's original flavors and freshness.

Moreover, the Electrolux airconditioners were also unveiled in the middle of the ballroom. It's features emphasized an environment-friendly aspect in addition to cooling.

There were also other Electrolux appliances showcased during the event:

The summer we are facing is predicted to be one of the hottest yet so we believe that these two products designed to keep users refreshed in different ways will really resonate with Filipino families. Pure and cool air and fresh food from our new products will go a long way to make this summer more comfortable and enjoyable.” said Malu Estaris, Electrolux Philippines General Manager.

Both products were said to focus on Electrolux’s “Thinking of You” philosophy concentrating on consumer’s needs, from product development and design to logistics and services.

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