Monday, September 12, 2011

Leisure Lifestyle with Samsung Plasma TV and Blu Ray Player

We have seen how TV technology has evolved from black & white to colored, and from to CRT to flat screen. Now we have the LCDs, LEDs, and Plasma TVs. And together with these advances are the improvements in people's lifestye, somewhere Samsung has always been along the way.

In a recent priviledged invitation from Samsung, I got to experience a luxurious lifetsyle, albeit briefly, in a Makati posh hotel called Picasso Boutique Hotel with the new Samsung Plasma TV and Blu Ray player.

It was a tiring day, but upon opening the door and lights of the VIP studio in room 801, a loft-style, fully furnished 2-level unit greeted me and two other friends last weekend.
Picasso Boutique Hotel with the thin Samsung Plasma TV near the wall
The furnitures and interior design were both elegant and chic. And guess what, it was awesomely complemented by a 64" plasma television. It's Samsung's latest Plasma TV model PS64D8000 audibly enhanced with a matching home theater system.
Samsung Plasma TV PS64D8000
I only see TVs as big as this in electronic store showrooms and exhibitions. It's only now that I got to actually use one. It's basically as long as a kid lying on its side. :)

We also saw the latest blue ray player from Samsung lying quietly on the left side. Too eager, we tried to explore the Samsung Plasma TV first, which was also a Smart TV.

Having explored the features of Samsung Smart TV months ago, tinkering around with our newest gadget was a breeze. And Internet buffs and bloggers that we are, checking out the Internet feature of 'our' plasma TV was the priority. :)
Glass Embedded Touch Sensitive Buttons
Creating a Samsung TV Account for Security

As proud bloggers, we of course checked out how our websites looked like on Samsung's Plasma TV. We also tried watching videos from YouTube, and searched for other websites.
Choosing a Wi-Fi Connection
Typing the Site URLs using the Remote Control
YouTube Surfing!

We literally turned it into a large monitor upon connecting from the laptop through the HDMI port. And you guessed it right, we weren't able to resist posting in Facebook. :)
Facebook! :)
We also tried to play some games and the size was just overwhelming. It's gamer's dream TV and monitor in one. :)
Gaming Gigantic!
Samsung Blu Ray

After exploring the features of the plasma TV, it was time for some movie viewing with the Samsung's latest Blu Ray player model D7500.
Samsung Blu Ray Player
Sleek and stylish, the D7500 doesn't look like your usual flatbed player. Clad in a silver light metal finish and lighted touch-sensitive player icons, it's certainly a looker.

I even intially mistook it for another appliance, and not as the blu ray player. :) We started with the  Megamind Blu Ray disc.
Megamind Blu Ray Movie
In 3D

The Megamind movie we got is the 3D version. It's good that our Samsung Plasma TV can also render a 3D movie.

Naturally, we put on the Samsung 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D experience. We also tried the other disc including Shrek and Harry Potter.
Samsung TV 3D Glasses
Without and WITH the 3D Glasses
Samsung Lifestyle

A 3D 64""   Smart Plasma TV paired with a sleek blu ray player and a home theater system in a posh boutique hotel in the metro - this is the ultimate home enterntainment lifestyle experience! :)

Someday, perhaps, I would be able to "move up" and have the same level of home entertainment lifestyle with the latest Samsung TV technologies at that time, whatever it may be. :)


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