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HYD's Fashion Face Off Mechanics & FAQ

Finally, the application form, mechanics, and FAQs for the Hot.Young.Designers' Fashion Face Off 2011 is out! Read on.

Mechanics of Fashion Face Off 2011

It will be a competition among five representatives of highly acclaimed fashion schools in Manila. The five contestants chosen will be among many of those aspiring RTW fashion designers in the industry. The HYD Fashion Face Off challenge 2011 will be a 9 month long challenge where, if chosen, you will have to show off your skills as a designer of ready-to-wear clothing. There will be 3 quarters:
  • First Quarter    October – December 2011
  • Second Quarter    January – March 2012
  • Third Quarter    April – June 2012
  • Fourth Quarter    July  - September: Soliciting and looking for the next batch; awarding of the winner
For each of the quarter given, participants will have to create your own fashion collection. You will have to create 4 variants for each piece (it may be various sizes or color or fabrics). The maximum cost per piece will be at Php 500. Markup for the pieces will be agreed upon by the designer and the business coach. All receipts should be kept by the designer and should be submitted to the business coach every check up period. All of these receipts should have an official receipt named to Hot Young Designers. If in case your supplier does not issue official receipts, you have to look for a supplier that issues one.

The participanting clothes will all be sold in a virtual store. At the end of the third quarter, the market/customers will determine the winner. How? The person with the most revenue generated for the entire 9 months will be declared the winner.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Participants will not spend a single peso. We will give you a budget of Php 20,000 per quarter (half of it will be given at the start of each quarter and half of it will be given at the middle of the quarter). Aside from that, 10% of the earnings from the clothes that are sold will go to you as allowance for incidental expenses like travel, food, etc. Payout for this share will be given at the end of each quarter.
  2. This will be a chance for you to start your own line. All items will be labeled: Hot Young Designers by your name
  3. the organizers will of course spend in advertising and marketing, thus launching you as an upcoming designer for this year.
  4. In the process of the competition, you will be assigned a business coach. This coach will teach you skills in business and starting your new line on the business side.
  5. And of course, you will get the chance to win Php 100,000 worth of prizes for you to start your new line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are winners determined by sales and not by judging alone?

The free market is a very robust and flexible voting mechanism.  The consumers essentially vote for your creation with their purchase.  Aside from simulating real world market conditions, this also gives designers the flexibility to sell at a higher markup provided their products are “worth it” to the consumer.  Comments such as “it looks cheap” or “it looks expensive” are therefore proven with actual purchases.

Who will provide the supplier?

We will have a ready list of suppliers that you may choose from.  Alternatively, you may also have your own suppliers.  However, the total operating budget that is given to you remains the same.  This budget covers raw materials, equipment, and labor.

What happens if we do not use up the Php 20,000 budget allocation per month?

We suggest that you use up the Php 20,000 budget. If in case your receipts are less than the budget, we will deduct the difference from your next budget. This will definitely help on increasing your profits at the end of the contest.

What’s in it for my school?

For the competition, you are “marketed” as a student of your school.  Your work, and ultimately your success, will be a reflection of the quality of your school’s education and the caliber of its students.

Where do the earnings go?

The earnings go to marketing, advertising, maintenance, and other operational costs.  A part of the earnings also go to the organizers in order to sustain this program for other young designers in the future.

Does the winner have any contract or commitments with the organizers/sponsors after the program?
NO.  The winner and all the contestants are not committed to any of the sponsors or the organizers after the program.

Where will my clothes be sold?

Your clothes will be sold in a specially designed online store for the competition.  The clothes will also be sold in bazaars.

Can I help market my creations as well?

Yes you may.  The web platform is uniquely suited to such a task so that you can easily market both on the web (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and offline.

Can I quit in the middle of the competition?

As much as possible, we advise all contestants to not quit in the middle of the competition. Your creations will carry your name and any unreliability this early in your career will tarnish your brand. 

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