Saturday, June 19, 2010

How To Vote for Ivan Dorschner of PBB Teen Edition 3

Whenever I'm home within the PBB Teens time slot, I make sure to tune in to Pinoy Big Brother.

Watching the reality show give viewers the chance to see how real people react to real life stimulus within a given environment. And in the current season, it's about teens, hence the 'Teen Edition.'

One of the Pinoy housemates, Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner), was never one of my bets from the beginning. But as of late, with only 3 Pinoy housemates remaining, he seemed to be one of those deserving to win.

A specific scene was that from a few days ago when due to some developments, the housemates were made to choose either to save Jenny or automatically evict a less deserving 'teenternational' (international) housemate. Ivan and Devon already choose Bret for his demerits but Fretzie doesn't want to complete a unanimous vote within the limited time to decide. Although Ivan really wanted to save Jenny, he did not press the save button because it was not a unified vote among the three Pinoy Housemates.

I guess that says a lot of how Ivan respects a group decision albeit at the expense of Jenny.

Although a half Filipino-half Irish, Ivan Dorshner is one of my top two votes for this season's PBB Teen Edition.

To Vote for Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) :
and SEND IT TO 2331 for GLOBE.TM.SUN
and 231 for SMART and TNT subscribers!

For other ways to vote for Ivan, click Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner).

Check out this video as well on Ivan's background. :)

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