Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freshman: On Men's Intimate Hygiene

Although the local airwaves are filled with feminine wash commercials, it never occurred in my mind that there would be a corresponding male version - a masculine wash.
Eventually, now, to metrosexuals and cosmopolitan dwellers, there is. Freshman, the newest local intimate hygiene product for men comes to the picture.

Freshman banks on the idea that men live a very active lifestyle including sports activities and a very hectic career life. And just like women and even more, they sweat a lot.

The usual remedy to refresh is a cool shower and basic soap to clean the body. Freshman believes that soaps alone may not do the job for the more delicate and intimate parts of a man's body. For this, they recommend having an intimate hygiene foam wash which can also help to feel "clean" and "fresh".

"They feel younger and more energetic when they are cool" is the message Freshman wanted to impart in a recent event / party at A.Venue in Makati.

It's also claimed that having the "cool" feeling on men's private parts, has a scientific benefit.

"According to research and doctors, having that 20% cooling feeling in men's intimate areas can actually help them preserve the life span of their sperm and increase the number of counts required. Sperms are destroyed and definitely become low in counts when the intimate parts are much warmer than the body temperature."

Now that's something! Although I would like to believe that the temperature difference with or without the masculine foam wash would be not much significant.

The Freshman bottle (yes, they gave away samples in the event), indicates that the product's active ingredient is Tea Tree Oil which is known to moisturize the skin. It has been neutrally balanced at ph7 making it gentle on the skin and protects from germs that can cause unwanted odor and even itchiness.

Furthermore, the Freshman Masculine wash has been dermatologically tested for proper intimate hygiene.It is now available in retail stores at P79 SRP per bottle. It's also available in two variants: Original and Freeze.

You have reached reading this article at this point and I know the pertinent question you want to ask from the back of your mind - "Have I tried it?" The answer is 'no,' I have not, but will do so soon.:) Perhaps you'd like to subscribe to the blog and get updated with the Freshman answer in the near future. :)

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