Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vote with Your 7-Elections Cup!

The election fever has officially gone mainstream and has reached your friendly neighborhood convenience store 7-Eleven.
Starting March 10,2010, 7-Eleven Philippines will be giving the nation a 'gulping' voice in the upcoming Presidential elections through the 7-Elections.

Customers in cosmopolitan Manila and all over the country can show their support for a particular presidential candidate by buying the specially desinged Gulp cups. The Gulp cups are artistically printed with the presidential candidate's name in their campaign colors.
Even with a commercialized backdrop, I say that the concept is peachy. it would be exciting to anticipate how the market would react to the exercise, especially as election day nears.
For your vote to be counted, just visit any 7-Eleven store and pick up a 16oz Gulp® Cup that bears the colors and image of your Presidential bet. Undecided voters or those who will abstain can also choose to do so. The cashier will scan the bar code and it automatically gets counted.

Yes, adults and children of any age can 'vote' in this exercise that lasts until May 4, 2010. Cups are not sold separately from the Gulp products. The result is solely measured by the cups chosen by 7-Eleven customers for the Gulp products they purchased, without additional questions and restrictions as to the age and frequency of purchase.
"7-Eleven in the USA first conducted this in 2000 and has run for three consecutive elections," explains Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation.
 The informal poll surprisingly produces the same election results with minor percentage discrepancy. :) Locally, 7-Eleven hopes to highlight the Filipino's Presidential options by making sure that all the Presidentiables--the top five, namely  Manny Villar, Joseph Estrada, Richard Gordon, Noynoy Aquino, and Gilbert Teodoro alongside fellow candidates Jamby Madrigal, JC de Los Reyes, Nicanor Perlas, Eddie Villanueva, even the voter's right to abstain, are represented. The idea is to engage the greater public in this national initiative anchored on the value of freedom of choice.

More 7-Eleven 7-Elections Photos Here.

This activity is for sales promotional activity done in the spirit of fun. Hence, the practice and results shall not be considered a sreflective of any sentiments regarding any official survey or any upcoming elections.

So, what is the color of your 7-Elections Cup? :)

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