Friday, August 26, 2011

GSM Blueniversity: Drikning Can Be Educational

It's not just another excuse for drinking, seriously. :) GSM Blueniversity has been going around different colleges around the country to educate citizenry in the right age in interesting ways of GSM Blue mixes.

When GSM Blue launched Blueniversity, the idea is to create an 'educational' environment at various student hangouts where they could just enjoy themselves.

About two months ago, GSM Blueniversity sponsored a similar gathering for  bloggers called the “Mixology Seminar” held at Capone’s Bistro, Makati City.

G.S.M. Blue’s Bluniversity fueled the night with lots of drinks and fun with the leading flair-tending champions in the country - Erwyn Unigo (Champion, Professional Division GASM Flair Idol 2007) and Derick De Borja (1st Runner Up, Professional Division GASM Flair Idol).
Erwyn Unigo
Derick De Borja
Eduardo Zamora

They concocted personalized cocktail drinks such as Martini to the tune of  “Working Flair,“ "Watta! Watta!", and "Baragatan Blue Mix"!

At the end of the night Toma Cum Laudes ages 18 and above (Philippine legal age of drinking) were identified and given prizes by GSM Blueuniversity Dean Jayce C. Perlas.

Overall, it was a good night of flair-tending and learning drink mixing in a fun and clean way.

Check more about GSM Blue and GSM Blueniversity in their Facebook pages and, respectively.

Catch more of GSM Blue's Blueniversity in different campuses throughout the year. Watch out as well for this year’s FLAIR IDOL!

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