Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pain Monsters vs Advil in Eastwood Flash Mob

I posted this same video last night in my other blog right after the flash mob in Eastwood. A good night sleep after, I thought of sharing this same "Pain Monsters vs Advil Flashmob" video here in my lifestyle blog as well. :P

Watching my video again, it actually looked like as if some emergency is happening inside the mall, only to discover that it was an entertainment show happening outside. Indeed, they captured the immediate attention of the crowd, especially that it was a payday-Friday night. There were a lot of families and children in the park with whom the show was a hit!

Check out the video Pain Mosnters vs Advil Liqui-Gel video here:

Moreover, the focus of the show turned out to be a new product from Advil that came in softgel capsule. They call it Advil Liqui-Gel. It's an analgesic and is mainly an Ibuprofen for fever and body pains. Being liquid in nature, emphasis was on it's fast relief action compared to tablets just like in the flash mob where the tablet was beaten by the pain monsters afterwhich the liquigel came to the rescue.

Advil Liqui-Gel
Above is a photo of the Advil Liqui-gel sampler I got. What can you say about the video of "Pain Monsters vs Advil flash mob?"


  1. anything with dancing mascots look funny and entertaining...

  2. The monster looks scary but still adorable. parang ako hehehe!