Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucy Torres-Gomez Prefers ASCOF Lagundi

When it comes to cough, Lucy Torres-Gomez is careful with the type of medication that she gives to Juliana, her daughter. Only ASCOF Lagundi makes the cut.

Despite her busy schedule as politician, actress, and TV host, newly elected Ormoc-Leyte congresswoman, she is committed to attending to her daughter’s most important needs, especially on health.

Juliana is at that age wherein she is prone to common cough and cold, and I don’t want to give her just any over-the-counter chemical formulation that may prove to be harmful to her health in the long run. It’s always safer to choose natural medicines instead,” says Lucy.
Lucy is concerned over the danger that some chemical cough medications may contain a combination of chemicals that may produce side effects, such as palpitations,intestinal bleeding, drowsiness and damaged liver.
Having ASCOF in a readily-available syrup format for children is a good thing—especially for moms like me. It provides the needed relief, without giving us moms the worry of putting our children’s health at risk,” adds Lucy.
Lagundi is one of the ten herbal medicines endorsed by the Department of Health. ASCOF Lagundi comes from a trusted healthcare name Pascual Laboratories. It is commercially available in syrup (Ponkan, Strawberry, Menthol and Menthol Sugar-free flavors), tablet and capsule formats.

I always check the label of the medicines that we take. With ASCOF Lagundi syrup, it has no side effects...The reason why you give your kids medication in the first place is to make sure that they go back to being healthy” Lucy concludes.

Because ASCOF is made from 100-percent Lagundi leaves, this is Lucy Torres-Gomez's choice.

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