Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Is The Newest San Mig Light Babe?

"New year, new babe." :) San Mig Light is coming up with an oozing hot TV commercial this coming  February. Someone who could surely heighten temperatures of San Mig Light fans.

Sources gave hints that the TV ad will feature the next big thing in show biz – a young female gifted with a face and a body that viewers readily noticed when she appeared in a nationwide reality TV show.

Or should I say "New year, new babeS?" Is she just one new endorser or are there many of them? We're not really sure as the source kept mum on the issue but playfully hinted “Baka hindi lang isa. Pwedeng marami. She’s a real magnet, anyway.

The actress-model will be clad in a sexy swimwear fit for the upcoming summer. It will compliment her “katawang pang-SanMig Light.” So who's your wild guess to be the newest and the hottest San Mig Light babe coming this February?

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