Monday, December 20, 2010

Loud & Outspoken by Fergie & AVON

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has always been an icon of this generation's music exuding a loud and outspoken attitude. More so now with Avon and "Outspoken by Fergie."

This further solidifies her stature in a recent collaboration with global brand Avon. As a fragrance designer where she fromulated her own perfume called "Outspoken by Fergie."

I first knew Fergie as a member of the Black Eyed Peas, and now also as a solo artist. Also known as Stacy Ann Ferguson, Fergie livea a glamorous life as an American singer-songwriter, rapper, fashion designer and film star. She enjoys diamond facials, vegetable juice, lingerie, workouts and Maldives as all good medicine.
Outspoken by Fergie

More specifically of Outspoken, this is her first fragrance project with Avon, the company for women.
Fragrance makes me feel sexy and alluring. I wanted to create a fragrance that people will respond to and enjoy. Outspoken is a fresh, modern scent that will make the women who wear it feel confident and fearless. The scent is bold with a raw, sexy edge that will shock you,” shares the outspoken Fergie.
True to her character mixture of variety, Outspoken can be described with unexpected contrasts. Think chiffon and leather, rocker chic and belle, the underlying toughness in soft femininity.

"...this has been an incredible opportunity to work with the experts at Avon,” adds Fergie.

Outspoken Bottle and Crystal Cap
She said she learned so much about how fragrance, concept, team, product all come together. “It has allowed me to tap into my creative side in an entirely different way. One thing that remains the same is that I want the fragrance, like my music, to have a story and have real meaning and personality. We wanted to be 100% certain that we had a product we really liked...It was really satisfying to do something that was so completely different from what I normally do as a performer.  I have shared my music with the world and am excited to now be able to share a different part of who I am through my fragrance, Outspoken.


It gets sleekier in the packaging.

I found inspiration for the cap design while getting dressed for my wedding to Josh.  There was a crystal decanter in the bridal suite and I knew I wanted the cap to look like that. I was so excited about the design that I had my team send me sketches while I was on my honeymoon! Outspoken is sort of a ‘Rock n Roll Boudoir’ which is very similar to my personal closet at home.” And the finished product is a crystal decanter cap and a beautiful black genie-shape base.
It Gets Personal with Fergie

Fergie confesses that her grandmother was an Avon lady as well. "I can remember her having little parties with her friends and showing them all the beautiful makeup pieces. When I was younger, I even asked my grandmother to leave me her makeup in her will!  My mom would also help my grandma wrap up the gifts herself.

Outspoken by Fergie is now available in the Philippines for P999. You can purchase one through any Avon Representatives nationwide which started last December 1, 2010. Call the Avon Customer Hotline at 8642900 or visit and get in touch with an Avon Lady.

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  1. Is Outspoken by Fergie also available in mall department stores?