Friday, May 7, 2010

GBX Shoes New Models

I got to try out the new shoe models of GBX Shoes in SM Megamall back in March.

I can say that their collection extends from formal wear to the hip and young. There were also formal shoes that are stylish and makes a statement.

I also goto a shoe whichh costs a little more than P3000. It's the GBX Timaru which was also newly released last March.
Aside from GBX Timaru's casual look,  I choose it for it's durability and toughness. The make of the sole is sturdy and the sew on the side seems that it can last for years

The price range of GBX might be limiting factor for some but it's the brand you want to invest on when you are looking for quality.

Here are other designs and phots I got form the GBX Shoe store branch in SM Megamall.

For a younger look, you might like these:

I highly recommend GBX shoes for their stylish designs and good quality.

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