Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmo Manila is Born

Cosmo Manila is chic
Cosmo Manila is trendy.
Cosmo Manila is fashionable.

Smart, practical, and stylish, but not necessarily complicated.
Sophistication is not always the best thing, there is elegance even in simplicity.

Since the beginning of time, the human persona has struggled to be in tune with the times; to go with the flow. But sometimes, uniqueness is key; variation - the flavors.

Cosmo Manila intends to give the readers whatever is hip and in vogue. It hopes to capture the thoughts of the icons of this generation, be they eccentric, or popular, or both.

Cosmo Manila does not want to be pretentious. It would feature the agreeable and the objectionable, the hidden and the daring.

Cosmo Manila is life in Manila.
Cosmo Manila is Cosmopolitan Manila.

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